Rage 2

559399-rage-2-xbox-one-front-cover.png Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Stadia

Release Date: 5/14/19

Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

Rage 2 is a polarizing game to assess. On one hand, it’s an addictive, open world FPS that combines the excellent gameplay of Doom with the RPG elements of Borderlands. On the other hand, this game is a glitch-ridden mess that clearly wasn’t ready for prime time.

Yes, it’s truly a love it AND hate it type of game. The gameplay is solid, upgrading your powers and utilizing them in combat is fun, and even the sparse open world where you clear out enemy bases for upgrades takes me back to the good old days of Red Faction Guerrilla. And since we may never see a sequel to that, Rage 2 feels almost like a spiritual successor.

Sadly, Rage 2 is also filled with mountains of bugs that do detract from the overall experience. I’ve experienced freezing that required me to restart the entire console, the game randomly freezing and then kicking me back to the console’s dashboard, the audio not working (during the ending, of all times!), and others. The worst glitches, however, are the ones that could have been potentially game breaking if I didn’t have prior saves to load – such as events not loading and causing you to be stuck in a mission and unable to progress any further.

Rage 2 is a fun game. It’s also a technical mess. Was it lack of play testing? Was it rushed to meet a deadline? Whatever the reason is, the technical problems are simply too abundant to ignore and harm an otherwise enjoyable open-world loot shooter.

The good: An addictive combination of Doom and Borderlands

The bad: Way too many bugs and glitches that still haven’t been fixed with patches


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