Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted4 Platform: Playstation 4

Release Date: May 10, 2016

Rating: 2.5 (out of 5)

Uncharted 4 is more of what I’d call an “interactive experience” than an actual game. Visually, it’s stunning. The environments are absolutely breathtaking and make you want to explore its world. However, it often feels like you’re playing more of a cinematic experience with gameplay elements than an actual game. Sure, there are action segments, puzzles thrown in here and there, and lot of climbing… but it often feels like an on-rails game where you have to do exactly what the game wants you to do. You’re forced to climb a mountain a certain way. You’re forced to take out enemies the way the game wants you to. You’re forced to explore the level and aimlessly hunt when the game decides to slow things down. I didn’t regret the experience, but I can’t say that I had fun actually playing it. Sure, it was interesting to see what came next and gorgeous to look at, but I would sacrifice storytelling and production values for a game that I could play my way.

And the multiplayer, like previous Uncharted games, pales in comparison to other contemporary third-person shooters like Gears of War 4. There was a later survival mode multiplayer update which is only worthwhile if you can get a good team together. If you’re playing with random people, forget it. They quit the match as soon as the level gets difficult which defeats the entire purpose of a “survival” mode. It’s supposed to be tough until it’s conquered.


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