Mafia III

Mafia3cover   Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4

Release Date: October 7, 2016

Rating: 2 (out of 5)

Maybe the developers had good intentions and ideas. After all, the idea itself is original enough. Sure, we’ve had plenty of Mafioso games and open world games before. But never in 1960’s New Orleans (erm, New Bordeaux) and also tackling the social problems found in American society at the time. And the game does start off strong enough, with a challenging first story mission set in the swamps of Louisiana. Sadly, the experience quickly sours when you realize that the bulk of the game isn’t made up of actual story missions, but the types of optional side missions you’d find in other open world games that most people probably generally skip over. You’re essentially doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again for hours on end. After a few hours the game starts feeling more like a chore than entertainment.

On a technical level, Mafia 3 also feels rather unfinished. Even with all of the patches this game has received, I still ran into many frustrating glitches and bugs. Sometimes an important event that is required to progress the game wouldn’t appear on your map and you’d be forced to research online where to find the location. Other times, parts of a mission simply wouldn’t load properly (such an important enemy not appearing towards the end) and you’d be required to replay the mission simply because of an annoying glitch. Also, for some ridiculous reason you’re not allowed to manually save in this game. This is an issue because on a few occasions the game simply didn’t save my progress which means I had to play through a few monotonous missions over again.

The gameplay itself in Mafia 3 just doesn’t hit the mark, either. I normally love driving around aimlessly and exploring open world games, but Mafia 3 feels so clunky that I had no desire to do so. The world itself is tough to get immersed in when the visuals look so muddy and downright ugly. Graphically, Mafia 3 doesn’t resemble a current generation game.

What could’ve been a solid and refreshing open world title just ended up being disappointing bargain bin fodder. Mafia 3 looks and plays like an unfinished, beta version of a potentially good game.


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