Brute Force

bruteforce Platform: Xbox

Release Date: May 27, 2003

Rating: 2 (out of 5)

There was a large amount of hype surrounding Brute Force over a year prior to its release. It was prominently featured on the June 2002 issue of Official Xbox Magazine with a huge caption claiming it is going to be “The Next Halo”. It was finally released a year later in 2003 and immediately fell below everyone’s expectations. While it received decent reviews (Metacritic puts it at a 77% average), it sure wasn’t the second coming of Halo. And even the scores it received seem rather generous considering how substandard the final product is.

Simply put, Brute Force is a frustrating experience and nearly broken when you attempt to play it on single player. And if you’re interested in playing it today, that’s basically the only way to get through it, because I would be rather shocked if you could somehow convince several people to play through this game in this day and age with you. This is a squad based shooter where you can pick from several characters who have different abilities that can be used to help you clear levels. The problem is, the A.I. of your squad partners is so braindead that you are basically managing them from getting defeated more often than actually enjoying the action.

Now, if you can find a competent human coop partner to play this game with (good luck on that), then that changes many of those complaints. But let’s be realistic – no one is going to voluntarily play this with you today. And it still wouldn’t alter the awful character design and soulless feel of the entire game.


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